Download Audials Radiotracker 12.0.63100.0.0

Audials Radiotracker 12.0.63100.0.0

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Radio: Listen to and record radio stations. Music Wishes: Songs from radio stations and the Internet. Pod-casts: Subscribe to enjoy episodes. Music TV: Receive and watch video and shows. Media Center: Enjoy music, movies and entertainment anywhere. The app does have some good features such as automatic ID3 tagging, album artwork and lyrics and you can sort stations by genre, language, country, region and artist. There are a few drawbacks though. The interface is not really that intuitive and can seem a little clunky and crowded. The big downside of Audials Radiotracker is that it will drain your system resources quite heavily. This is ok if you are a power user, but if not then I think your system is going to struggle if you are running any other memory intensive apps. The help manual is something you should really read through before you start tinkering around with this app. The files are easy to locate and you can also find lots of tutorial resources on-line.

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