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Add the URL that uniquely identifies the site number: add the same URL, different URLs numbers the mouse click URL ID number to the clipboard will be copied; 2, URL (ID): Share traffic website, if the input is an online service center URL number is the number corresponding to the online service center URL Share flows mouse click URL will be copied to the URL to the clipboard, click behind the Modify button to modify sharing traffic website; 3 Flow: visit our Web site on the same day the IP number, background progress bar to update the progress of the traffic data will display the current progress of the detailed information, hover over; 4 URL Status: URL which the state site status is an important reference for software running normal, hover over the detailed status information will be displayed when the above URL status abnormalities sure the mouse hover View detailed information in the above; Site control: open / stop control the website if you want to share traffic starting and stopping, there will be a delay of about 10 minutes, Delete is used to delete the article URL; 6, flow control: used to compress the flow curve to the formation of a specific flow curve, the region used to control the flow area to curve control and regional traffic control will affect the total amount, be sure to use caution, followed by a detailed description is; 7, set: used to set up a sub-page access pop mode, destination URL, source URL, is recommended for intermediate and advanced users, learning carefully before using traffic optimization knowledge; 8, add the generic flows URL: used to add traffic to share the URL URL must start with http:// or https / / at the beginning of the complete format URL; 9, add the line bind Website: URL number used to add online services center where the software is used only for on-hook to generate traffic and other set operations are carried out in the service center; The curve control function interface, as shown:

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