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EF Commander

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EF Commander is a file manager for Windows. Its very similar to Total Commander. EF Commanders user interface allows you to browse your computer in two separate panels. Its very flexible pluginable and it can be easily customized. You can choose the colors, the fonts the shortcut keys and the icons for the interface. Browsing files in separate panels is efficient. It enables you to move or copy files from one panel to another with just a key strike. EF Commander has a toolbar, which contains a button for each drive that appears in My Computer. Each panel can be set to display the files and folders differently. You can choose to view directory contents as a list icons or thumbnails. The default view mode lists the files and their details. To simplify browsing even more the program can display a directory tree inside each of the two panels. Numerous other features make EF Commander a powerful tool. You can rename multiple files split or join files pack or unpack archives synchronize directories and so on. The program calculates the size of your directories which helps if you want to see how your hard disk space is used. Most of EF Commanders features open in separate windows and look much like independent applications.

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