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HT Parental Controls

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Key Features Blocking: HT Parental Controls main function is to block some specific websites with inappropriate contents such as porn, violence and over more. To restrict access to them, the administrator only has to add their URL to blacklists for automatic prohibition. Time controls: this program allows defining how much time a child can spend in front of the computer. It is possible to set limits and once the allowed time is over, the machine automatically turns off. Blocking applications: apart from restricting access to websites, this utility can also block some programs. To do this, these applications to be blocked have to be listed in the specific field designed for that. Security: HT Parental Controls is also provided with a built-in password-protection tool. Thanks to this option, the user ensures that children cannot modify the blacklist previously established or modify the duration of use of the computer. System requirements Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 File size: 3.99 MB Pros HT Parental Controls runs stealthily in the background so as the late users do not even suspect it. It is possible to obtain reports about the time spent by children on a specific video game or a website.

HT Parental Controls
HT Parental Controls
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