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The Start Menu The Start Menu is one feature that keyboard and mouse users sorely missed in Windows 8, and Microsoft will please its legion of Windows 7/XP fans by reintroducing (and redesigning) it in Windows 10. The new Start Menu is a kind of hybrid, incorporating the traditional Windows menu (a list-style view) with the Live Tiles Windows 8 style. It is completely customizable; you can chose to run it with a different sizes of Live Tiles (small, medium, large) or with none at all. There is also the option to see your most used apps or list them alphabetically, as well as a full screen mode, which makes most sense when you are switching between tablet and desktop view on a hybrid device. Continuum This isnt the only enhancement Microsoft is making to push the use of hybrid 2in1 devices. A new feature called Continuum will mean that Windows 10 will adopt a particular look and feel on these devices according to the mode you are using (keyboard and mouse, or touch input). While Microsoft execs have demoed this publicly, its not yet available in the Technical Preview. Cortana Microsoft has brought its virtual assistant Cortana (the Siri equivalent for Windows/Windows Phone) to the Windows 10 Technical Preview. The idea is to allow a more natural interaction with your device, as well as provide intelligent recommendations based on search history and manually-inputted preferences. Project Spartan Project Spartan is a new browser that has been built especially for Windows 10. While it isnt available in the Technical Preview, Microsoft has revealed that its features will include the ability to annotate by keyboard or pen directly on a webpage and easily share that with friends; a distraction-free reading view; and a simplified article layout. Windows Store Beta While you can still access the old Windows Store, Microsoft has opened up feedback for its new and redesigned Windows Store Beta. This appears as a greyed-out icon on the Task Bar and currently has limited functionality.

Windows 10
Windows 10
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