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Avocado - Chat for Couples Avocado Software, Inc. - Social

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If you are dating, married, crazy in love or just have a BFF you want to communicate with, Avocado keeps your favorite person as close as your phone. Recently featured on the Google Play Store, Avocado is the best app for couples. Why Avocado? Whether you’re in the same room or continents away, this couples app helps you and your boo stay connected anytime, anywhere. And just like home, it’s a private space for the two of you to share a life. Avocado Features: Fast, private and secure messaging ✓Share all your photo messages, video messages, doodles or secrets in one place! ✓You can even send your location in the app to let your boo know where you are. ✓Get notified if your boo’s battery is dying! Share photos and videos ✓Share photos and videos in your shared media gallery for easy access and storage for all the moments you’ve loved. ✓Document your dating adventures or recall the perfect date you went on! ✓Share photos from your gallery to Facebook, Twitter, or email Send Hugs & Kisses! ✓When words fall short and messages aren’t enough, send a hug or kiss to the one you love most! ✓Hold the phone to your chest to send a hug, tap a photo to send a kiss. Sketch! ✓Doodle on your photos or a blank canvas to showcase your love and creativity Share Lists ✓Create shared lists for everything from weekly groceries to new date ideas (we recommend a “10 things I love about you” list!) Share a calendar ✓Stay in sync: Schedule appointments, vacations, dates and more! Advanced data encryption and security features ✓Rest assured your messages, photos, videos and secrets are safe in Avocado Available on the web ✓Access your messages, media gallery, calendar and lists and chat with your favorite person on the web for easy communication with the one you love most! Tablet support & landscape mode ✓View your media gallery on the tablet for an even better viewing experience for photos and videos. Complete archive of your relationship for walks down memory lane ✓Easily recall and favorite your chats, photos, videos, or secrets with the one you love Avocado is the best messaging platform for two people to chat! It’s private, secure and fast. The ideal place to share a calendar, lists and media gallery. Try it out today! ❤

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