Download Maxthonís Cloud Browser Sets You Free

Maxthonís Cloud Browser Sets You Free

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There are plenty of good things about Maxthon. There are a number of features built-in which require add-ons in other browsers: An ad blocker, a content scraper/downloader, and a screen splitter, for example. Private browsing occurs by opening a second window, which can then be filled with private tabs. This isnt as convenient as Operas mixing of private and non-private tabs, but its better than Firefoxs purely modal method. The Favorites bar (when did we stop calling them bookmarks?) includes a Most Favorite tab and an automatically-filled Most Visited tab. Also, theres a Mute button, ideal for when a website begins unexpectedly blaring at you. Some things are less than perfect. Maxthons video downloader doesnt work currently in YouTube, though the developers claim a fix is forthcoming soon. (The MyDownloader plug-in in Firefox still works fine.) While it may be a minor point, I like a standard, across-the-top menu bar, and theres no option to display one.

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