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It was once the most popular browser but suffered because the service was stagnant while other browsers surpassed it in features and security. As it was once the most popular service it became a target for malicious attacks and viruses. Recently Internet Explorer has placed a heavy focus on boosting security and fighting malware. While Internet Explorer has a good balance of standard features the experience is hurt by the limited speed at which it performs. In our tests it took a below average 453 seconds to boot up Top Ten Reviews site. The average startup based on 10 different attempts was cut down to 272 seconds. A matter of seconds may seem like a minor issue but Internet Explorers average is still double the time of the best browsers in our comparison. Internet Explorer may not be the fastest browser but it does not skimp on its feature set. Bookmarks and tabbed browsing are the focus. When you open a new window you see icons of your most visited sites based on your browsing history. This software works great with PC touchscreens and tablets with Windows 8. Internet Explorer also provides a variety of addons for a fully customized browsing experience. There are four different categories of addons search providers accelerators Web Slices and toolbars. In each category you find a number of downloads each with a description. Most are free but some you have to purchase

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