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This Chromium-based software works great for daily browsing but also has a few unique aspects that work in sync with your toolbar This commercial freeware places a large focus on music downloads and oddly enough torrents. It currently works on every version of Windows and Mac OS updates up to Snow Leopard. Not much differentiates the look of Torchs interface besides the specialized icons directly to the right of your browser bar. The first the share button allows you to instantly post to Facebook or Twitter without visiting the sites themselves. The media button is fantastic if you casually listen to music while on the net. When you find a song file that you want to save the media grabber allows you to save it instantly. While it may not sound like a service a major internet browser would want to brag about the torrent icon brings up a simple chart showing all current downloading tasks. Lastly the Torch Music icon allows you to sync up music and share it on your mobile device. These four icons are very specialized and give this browser the necessary bump to rank it above similar browsing services.

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