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Avant Browser

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The browser is based on Internet Explorer and includes basic features such tabbed browsing, RSS feeds and a find-on-page function. The browser falls short in comparison to our higher-ranked internet browsers, but existing Internet Explorer users may enjoy the functionality the internet browser provides. Some of the features the Avant Browser provides are automatic updates, a password manager and an integrated Internet Explorer search engine. The browser also utilizes a multi-processing design. This means each open tab functions as an independent process, so if one crashes, it doesnít crash the entire window. We also liked that the browser has a convenient undo function you can use when you accidently close a tab. What the internet browser doesnít have is parental controls and a seamless download manger that lets you download files without having an annoying pop-up window open. Avant Browser also does not have a spell-checker or synchronization capabilities. The latter would allow you to sync your saved bookmarks and browsing preferences so you can access them from any computer.

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