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Deepnet Explorer provides most of the fundamental features we were looking for in web browsers. For starters, it provides tabbed browsing, a built-in search function and the ability to bookmark websites. Deepnet Explorer also provides basic toolbar customization, and you can navigate webpages using the browser’s integrated mouse gestures and keyboard shortcuts. As mentioned above, the internet browser’s standout features are its support of P2P networking and an RSS news reader. P2P, or peer-to-peer, networking is a type of file sharing integrated directly into the internet browser. Deepnet Explorer’s RSS feature comes with many popular news feeds preinstalled, and you can add as many as you want. The browser allows you to organize the feeds in an intuitive tree structure, and you can use the toolbar to search the feeds by keyword. Apart from those features, Deepnet Explorer doesn’t offer much more functionality. There are no parental controls or synchronization that allows you to access your saved browser data and preferences on any computer. The internet browser also lacks automatic updates and spell check, a minor but nonetheless useful feature.

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File Sharing
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