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Alcohol 120

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We chose the Advanced option instead of the recommended Standard installation when installing Alcohol 120% and were glad we did since the installation wizard tries to install some extra programs. Freeware often comes with optional downloads (someone has to pay the bill!) but Alcohol 120% isnt freeware, nor is it particularly cheap, even for a good disc burner, so we were a bit dismayed not only to see extra toolbars and coupon apps but what would have been a rather large number of them even in freeware. But Alcohol 120% also offers a good amount of support, including a manual. Its user interface is easy to understand, with a spare but familiar look. The program started by asking permission to scan our system to obtain information about our DVD burner and any virtual discs we had. While its speed will depend on your systems resources, Alcohol 120% certainly worked quickly. A good disc burning utility isnt hard to come by, and wed probably have a hard time justifying Alcohol 120%s cost if that were its only trick. But combine it with a terabyte drive, and youve got a powerful disc archiving tool that lets you play your CDs,

Alcohol 120
Alcohol 120
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